Our whole school daily act of Christian Collective Worship is central to building and maintaining our school ethos by  ensuring our school values are at the heart of everything we do. Different members of staff take worship according to the following time table:

Monday Mr Gunn
Tuesday Mrs Ch Green
Wednesday Mr Gunn
Thursday Singing Together with Miss Barnes
Friday Mr Gunn (and Pupils)


All worship is grounded in Christian teachings and allows children to explore how the lessons we can learn from the bible affect our lives.

Pupils take an active role in worship through:

  • Planning and leading Thursday worship
  • Running the sound and visuals
  • Writing class prayers which are used weekly in worship
  • Talking with partners to discuss questions asked
  • Taking part in drama or other activities at the front
  • Reading the Bible Stories
  • Reading Prayers from Class Prayer Book

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St Peter’s School

Headteacher: Mr Iain Gunn
Number of pupils: 411

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