Year 5/6 Reading Comprehension

The following question stems provide support for discussions you can have with your child, when sharing a text. Some questions lend themselves towards non-fiction texts and we have provided examples of these texts for your child to read to you or with you. In addition, we have a selection of fiction text examples and some poetry.

These provide the opportunity to ask questions about imagery, language style and inference. In addition, with poetry, it is often helpful to look at the structure of the verse – comment on rhythm, rhyme, language style and sentence length. With more difficult texts, it is also very important to focus on the meaning of language too and identify any tricky words within a text, which need to be understood first.



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At St Peter's we use a cursive handwriting style from Foundation Stage to Year 6. Children first learn to form letters starting on the line and ending with a flick, when they are ready they learn to join them.

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