Our Ethos

Our Vision

‘‘For the children to realise their God-given gifts and talents, and grow following the example of Jesus.’’

Matthew 19:26- But Jesus looked at them and said, “With man this is impossible but with God all things are possible”

Our Values

A family community with Christian Values at the heart, where adults and children genuinely care for one another.

  • Everything we do is based around our gospel values: from daily Christian worship to the way we treat each other.
  • Every child is known by name and her/his strengths are nurtured.
  • We have a culture of vigilance to ensure the children in our care are safe.
  • Older and younger children work together, play together and support each other.
  • Strong links with St Peter’s Church and the Chelmsford Diocese develop spiritual & moral understanding.
  • A supportive School Association significantly enhances the opportunities available for all children.

Our Children

We develop pupils who not only achieve high academic standards but are well rounded, independent and enthusiastic young people.

  • Pupils leaving the school consistently attain results that compete with the best schools in the country.
  • Dedicated teachers know each child’s individual strengths so that work is tailored to maximise her/his potential.
  • A huge variety of extra curricular clubs, which provide a broad range of activities: sporting, musical, artistic and academic.
  • Pupils are articulate and confident able to leave the school ready for the next stage in their education, though not growing up too quickly.
  • An array of opportunities and experiences which extend learning outside of the classroom.

Our School

Always looking forwards, innovating what we do to ensure the best possible education for all of our pupils.

  • A commitment only to recruit high quality teachers who are constantly kept up to date with the best ways to develop learning.
  • An exceptionally smart uniform and exemplary behaviour maintaining our traditional roots.
  • An innovative and exciting curriculum engaging pupils in their learning.
  • A National Support School which leads and trains other local schools, bringing in extra funding to benefit our pupils.
  • Excellent facilities for all learning including computing, sports and arts.
  • An idyllic countryside environment used further to enhance learning.

As a Church School we foster a particular ethos which rests on:

  • Care and respect for others;
  • An appreciation of the love and wonder of God;
  • Daily collective worship within a Christian tradition;
  • Celebrating diversity within school and the wider community;
  • Respect for other cultures and faiths;
  • Inclusive practices with a commitment to providing equal opportunities for all;
  • Maintaining high expectations in every aspect of school life;
  • A whole school commitment to promote healthy safe behaviours and reduce health inequalities;
  • The development of content, happy, independent learners