School Priorities

Priorities for 2023 - 2024

We have a very comprehensive School Development Plan that is put together with consultation from staff, governors, pupils and parental comments, as well as OFSTED and other advisory service input.

  1. To ensure that pupils make at least expected progress and 30% accelerated ( accelerated should be any child not at ARE).
  2. To ensure that at least 90%of pupils in each cohort reach the expected standard against the new bench marks.
  3. To ensure that the school is financially viable and it is GDPR compliant.
  4. Targeted interventions are set so they maximise the progress of the pupils in maths and literacy.
  5. To ensure that the new modified phonics program engages pupils in all sections.
  6. The school has the infer structure to support 2FE.
  7. The EYFS curriculum provides consistency with year 1 and challenge.
  8. The school curriculum draws concepts together to give depth and time.
  9. The swimming curriculum is delivered in all years.
  10. To ensure that children understand and uphold British values.
  11. To ensure that St Peters is a Distinctly Christian School that lives its vision.
  12. The school has procedures to improve mental well being.
  13. The school achieves net zero by 2023.

What have we done in response to Ofsted?

St Peter's was last inspected in 2009 and judged to be outstanding. Ofsted were very impressed with the quality of the School Development Plan. They asked us to choose one area that we would like as our main focus. We chose ICT to enhance learning.

We have replaced the computing curriculum (two major rewrites since the last inspection as well as constant tweaks) with one that is relevant, cross curricular and pushes standards even higher. We have made internet safety a priority as well as modifying the curriculum to meet the changing needs of the pupils.

We have a very well resourced school in general, but have exceptional ICT resources. We know from Bench marking that we are in the top quartile for spending on this area.

All resources being cloud based as well as having two lines into the school for increased reliability.

Standards in computing are in line with other areas in the school, which are in turn well above national average.