Click on the links to view the school's policies (paper copies available from the school on request).

Anti Bullying Policy [October 2023] Assessment Recording And Reporting Policy [September 2023] Attendance Policy Behaviour Procedures Calculation Policy [April 2022] Capability Procedure [July 2023] CCTV Policy [2023] Charging and Remissions Policy Child On Child HSB Policy [September 2023] Child Protection And Safeguarding Addendum [May 2020] Child Protection Policy [September 2023] Child Protection Policy During School Closure For Schools [January 2021] Collective Worship Policy [April 2022] Complaints Policy [November 2020] Computing Acceptable Use Policy [February 2023] Computing Policy Confidentiality Policy - Volunteers & Students DAC Policy [April 2023] Designated Teacher For Looked After Children Policy [2021] Equality Policy and Plan [2023] Exclusions Policy [May 2023] EYFS Policy [October 2021] Freedom Of Information Policy [April 2023] Handwriting Policy [June 23] Health And Safety Policy Home School Agreement [2022]
The following document to be read alongside the Child protection policy.
Keeping Children Safe In Education [2023] Lettings Policy Literacy Policy [June 2020] Mathematics Policy [Nov 2021] Medical Needs Policy [September 2023] Mental Health Policy [September 2023] Modern Foreign Languages Policy Packed Lunch Policy [2023] Parent Code Of Conduct Policy [2021] Performance Management Procedure Schools and Academies [March 2023] Phonics Policy [2023] Policy For Unreasonable Complaints [2020] Pool Safety Operating Procedure [March 2019] PSHE Policy [October 2020] RE Policy [2023] Relationship and Sex Education Policy Science Policy Security Policy [May 2022] SEND Policy [February 2023] Social Networking Policy Whistleblowing Policy Schools Academies [March 2023]